Battery for iPhone 6S Plus 3410mAh High Capacity

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COMPATIBILITY – this Loctus battery is compatible with iPhone 6S Plus, model A1634, A1687 and A1699. It is not meant for use with a standard iPhone 6 Plus.


TECHNICAL – our high-capacity replacement batteries have a capacity of 3410mAh (20% higher than the standard), 13.02Wh that enables your phone serve you longer without charging. They are FCC verified and EMC compliant.


GUARANTEE – we offer 24 months, money back guarantee on all of our battery models so you can shop knowing that if any issues occur, we are on hand to offer a replacement or a full refund on your purchase

Product Description:
 Replacement High Capacity Battery for iPhone 6S Plus
Loctus batteries are reliable replacements when your current battery is failing. Forget about charging your phone constantly throughout the day and instead change your old battery easily for a new, powerful option, all from the comfort of your own home.


There’s no reason why you should have to pay expensive phone store prices for a replacement iPhone battery, nor should you have to pay for a new phone entirely. You can purchase our Loctus 6S Plus battery which comes complete with a tool kit, instructions and adhesive tape so you can save money and keep your current phone. If your phone loses it’s power quickly, if the final 10% battery just disappears and if you find yourself charging frequently throughout the day then the time has come to get a new battery.

You buy:

1 Li-ion Battery – 24 months warranty

1 Set of adhesive tapes


Please, be aware of the key aspects of installing and using a new battery:

  1. Before disassembling your phone, discharge the battery below 10%.
  2. Power off your phone before beginning disassembly and make sure that no updates scheduled.
  3. Make sure that the battery model is compatible with your phone. You may confirm your phone model by looking at the back of the phone. The model number comprises of the letter A and four numbers.
  4. The instructions show you how to replace a battery and how to remove the front panel assembly. Disconnecting the front panel will prevent damage to the display cables. However, if you feel comfortable handling the display carefully while peeling the battery out of the phone you can skip these steps and got directly to the battery removal sections. After replacing the battery, be careful in putting back the display connection cables. Connecting them in the wrong way can damage your phone.
  5. The ribbon cable is the key component of the battery and the most vulnerable part of it. Please, be extremely careful operating the ribbon cable and do not pull it hard. The incorrectly installed or damaged ribbon may lead to the next issues:
  • the phone does not turn on;
  • the phone keeps rebooting or blinking apple logo;
  • the phone does not charge;
  • the phone does not charge to 100%;
  • the phone gets overheated.

We hope, you will manage to avoid these issues, but if you have any of them, please plug out the ribbon and clip it firm again. If the issue occurs again, please contact us and we will provide you with a replacement.

  1. Proper charging of newly installed battery is a key aspect to make the battery serve longer. After installation let the battery drain completely until the phone turns off automatically and then charge it fully without interruption. Repeat the procedure 3-5 times. Please be advised that the battery after installation may drain quickly, decreasing from 50% to 20% within few seconds. The issue is caused by the unstable li-ion of a new battery and it will become normal over time. It does not necessary happens but may take place. If you feel uncomfortable with the issue, please contact us and we will send you a replacement.
  2. If you purchased a battery marked High Capacity, be advised that the new battery’s capacity will be shown only after the battery is fully charged. Until this the app will show default capacity.