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Battery iPhone 11 3110mAh

Compatible model iPhone 11
 A2111, A2223, A2221 
Capacity 3110 mAh
Normal Voltage 3.82 V
Limited charge voltage 4.3 V
Watt hour 11.91 Wh
Battery cell type Polymer Lithium Ion
UN number  3480
Working temperature -4 °F - +122 °F
Battery size (4.2±0.2)x(46±0.5)x(111±1) mm
Battery weight 43 g 
Package size 13x70x132 mm
Package weight 64 g
Warranty  2 years (1000 charging cycles)
Contents 1 Battery
1 Adhesive strip
Warning    A lithium ion battery can catch fire and/or explode if accidentally punctured, dent, or pressed hard. 
Battery health update After replacing your battery, the phone will display “Service” in the Battery Health feature suggesting checking the phone by an authorized service provider. Rest assured that your phone and the battery work properly despite the “Service” sign and not showing the battery health. This feature was brought by iOS for the X iPhone generation for any battery replaced by anyone except an authorized service provider.