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About Us

Viktor Adamov - Loctus

Welcome to Loctus — the future of online retail.

I’m Viktor Adamov, founder of Loctus and unbiased blockchain enthusiast. Before starting Loctus, I worked as a C-level executive for a large international trading company that shipped construction supplies all over the world. During that time, I became familiar with one of the most pivotal sectors of the industry — capitalizing sales through online retailing while integrating effective supply chain management with the latest advances in digital technology. Later, as an investor in the growing domain of cryptocurrency, I developed a keen interest in blockchain technology and its potential advantage across countless industries, which rely on the quick transfer and storage of up-to-date, accurate information.

Loctus is a supply chain of electronic accessories that leverages blockchain technology for the benefit of product merchants and consumers worldwide. Through Loctus, both traders and consumers can take advantage of a more reliable and functional platform of shopping for electronic products and accessories. Blockchain technology ensures a higher reliability of goods and services through the accurate tracing of inventory, product quality and supplier communication. By using consensus algorithms, smart contracts and distributed ledger technology, Loctus is able to work closely with suppliers and maintain up-to-date information on all of its products — ensuring consistent quality for customers during each and every transaction.

Since being founded in 2017, Loctus has catered to local and international consumers while striving to offer top deals on original and quality products. Its clients can enjoy first-rate warranties, multiple payment options and worldwide shipping methods for a more streamlined and valuable service. Loctus provides a secure shopping experience through blockchain transaction protocols that are continuously improving product supply chain processes and reliability. For the customer, this means a service that you can count on again and again.

Viktor Adamov,